Baby Quinn is Here!

It’s been a while since my last post and while I don’t have an excuse for the month of February, March has been busy! I was supposed to have an appointment March 7th (my birthday!) and I would have been 39.2 weeks. At that appointment the doctors were going to set my induction date. I… Read More Baby Quinn is Here!

Yum Yum


I’ve missed bread.  Oh I’ve missed bread.  I didn’t think I really ate it much before, but since pregnancy and hormones and diabetes…I guess I ate it more than I realized – because I MISS it. Specifically baby has wanted peanut butter toast.  Now, with BOTH previous pregnancies, I didn’t really care for peanut butter,… Read More Bread…

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Little Bean

So I have these two amazing kids right?  They are funny and sweet and I could not be more blessed.  And then comes the curveball – Baby 3 is on his or her way!  (We don’t like to find out what we are having – it’s a great motivator through labor!) Now I had gestational… Read More Little Bean



I have practiced yoga for 5 years now, ranging from a beginners practice to prenatal with my daughter to a higher level vinyasa to my current favorite, paddleboard yoga.  Control is a fundamental part of yoga – learning to control your breath while the body is stressed and keeping the breath even flows into so… Read More Control


Where to start

Sooooo it’s been a while.  My apologies on that – I started a new job and I’m sure you know how getting into a new routine can be… I meant to post about my Flying Pig time.  I have been running the half marathon since my son was born.  My best time was that year….until… Read More Where to start

Yum Yum

Chip Substitute

Kinda – sometimes you need a salty treat.  My husband loves potato chips.  They don’t really work out so well for me.  I decided I would try to come up with a just as delicious alternative. (I know what you’re saying – “Get real Kate – a healthy substitute for the deliciousness that is potato… Read More Chip Substitute