Yum Yum

Chip Substitute

Kinda – sometimes you need a salty treat.  My husband loves potato chips.  They don’t really work out so well for me.  I decided I would try to come up with a just as delicious alternative. (I know what you’re saying – “Get real Kate – a healthy substitute for the deliciousness that is potato… Read More Chip Substitute


A Thimble of Pasta

I was thinking HARD about pasta today – but I learned quickly into gestational diabetes with baby #1 that I can have about a thimble’s worth.  I don’t know anyone who can eat a thimble’s worth and be satisfied.  I actually saw something that said most people eat about 3 servings – that’s more the… Read More A Thimble of Pasta



Here’s what I know… I’m 34.  I’ve been officially diagnosed with Diabetes (am I supposed to capitalize that?) for 4 months? Something like that.  But, I’m 34?  I really thought I had at LEAST 10 years before I got this news.  Now, my A1C 6.8 – not terrible – from what I’ve been told.  I’m… Read More Tailspin