A Thimble of Pasta

I was thinking HARD about pasta today – but I learned quickly into gestational diabetes with baby #1 that I can have about a thimble’s worth.  I don’t know anyone who can eat a thimble’s worth and be satisfied.  I actually saw something that said most people eat about 3 servings – that’s more the group I used to fit in!

Both of my parents are diabetic and both of my mom’s parents were diabetic.  I had gestational diabetes with both of my kids, although it was much more manageable with the first.  They did tell me that it does get worse with each subsequent child, but with my son (firstborn) I didn’t need medicine until pretty close to 40 weeks.  I think I was actually around 35 when they started me on glyburide.  With my daughter my blood sugar was off the charts from the first day of 13 weeks.  I started on glyburide again almost immediately because I could not manage the condition with just diet and exercise.

I have done a lot of reading, trying to reduce my risk of developing diabetes.  I knew my chances were really high given my family history and my own history with gestational diabetes, but I also thought I had at least 10 years!  Or maybe I could push it to 20-30 years?  Evidently genetics doesn’t work that way – who knew?

My long rambling point to this post is the confusion, lack and even incorrect knowledge that exists surrounding diabetes.  We’re under the impression that it’s a disease you’re either born with or you get because you’re overweight and don’t eat correctly.  I eat a mainly plant based diet, I drink nut milks, I run, I practice yoga – I try to maintain the healthiest lifestyle I can – and I’m here, trying to understand it all.

Something I thought might be helpful is if I share my numbers when I post.  4 months ago, I started at 178lbs.  I’m now 174lbs.  I’ll look into posting my meals from myfitnesspal as well.  Here’s today:

Fasting: 126

After Breakfast:  138

After Lunch:  134

After Dinner:  149 (I also ran 2 miles after dinner)




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