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I’ve been on this journey for what, 4.5 months?  September, October, November, December and now January.  I thought I ate healthy – but I was totally mistaken on my portion sizes.  Focusing on counting everything and determining safe go-to’s to get back on the delicate balance I’ve hit has been time consuming and sometimes frustrating.  My A1C in September was 6.9.

My results from Friday – 6.8.  Such a small change, but it’s so rewarding.  It means that the hard work and focus and talking myself out of a Grande Flat White have not been in vain.  It means that I can get back to a normal A1C.  But does that mean then that I’m diabetes free?

I probably won’t go back to my former eating habits – I notice a difference when my sugar is right.  I might give into an indulgence here or there – but nothing too crazy.  I will probably never consider myself diabetes free.  I would think that if I eat the wrong foods, I’m just as insulin resistant as I currently am while trying to get this under control.

After my son was born, my sugar seemed to go back to normal quite quickly, but after my daughter, it seemed like insulin resistance might be something to watch.  But I also didn’t exercise as much.  Running hasn’t been as much of a consistency in my life.  My sugar was amazing Saturday after my 3 mile run.  Even after this fantastic meal at 20 Brix with my super supportive husband.

So maybe the hard work is getting me somewhere.  Maybe I just can hit that A1C of under 6.5 I’m shooting for.  Even if it takes me another 12 months, I’m willing to try for it.  I want to be healthy, I want to feel healthy and I want to live until my 90’s.  Diabetes, you aren’t going to hold me back.

What has been your most recent achieved goal?





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