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Low Carb Chocolate Muffins

Excuse my muffin pan, it’s not very pretty is it lol.  But as mentioned in the last blog post, I have been working my way through various recipes, mainly found on Pinterest (if you aren’t a part of Pinterest, you really are missing out), trying to discover how to make some of my favorite foods low carb.  This has become increasingly more important with the addition of my pregnancy and the risks now to not just me, but my baby.  Today is Low Carb Muffins.

Enter these AMAZING muffins.  These pictures are from my first attempt and total pregnancy brain moment, I put 2 cups of zucchini instead of just 1, hence why they look a little deflated (they still tasted so good that I’ve made them twice since).

I have left the banana out of this recipe most of the times I make it (just as I get a ripe enough banana, someone goes through and eats it – sigh kids).  I’ve also left out the flaxseed since I never remember to buy it.  I did add salt to some of them from this batch on the top for a dark chocolate salted taste but I honestly I don’t think the salt added much and I haven’t included it since.  These took hardly any time to make too, just adding to their fabulousness.  In the time between finishing dinner and going to bed at 10 PM, including taking a walk, I had these muffins made.

For the record, I’ve tried 2 different chocolate chips in here and my absolute favorite is Kroger’s Private Selection Dark Chocolate Chips.  If you don’t have a Kroger near you, you could try a different brand, but I think the Dark Chocolate really delivers awesome flavor in these.

I seriously powered through these pretty quickly, and what’s even better is my kids liked them!  Although that meant less muffins for me…but if I can get my kids to eat muffins that don’t have refined flour or refined sugar in them, I’m going to take that as a win and keep serving them up as the calories and carbs are pretty drastically reduced from conventional muffins.

If you are like me, on the hunt for muffins that satisfy that occasional need for something decadent, but you can’t risk the sugar spike, I highly recommend you try this recipe out.  It will definitely satisfy that sweet tooth!  You can find this awesome recipe on Running With Spoons blog.  If you would like to follow me on Pinterest as I scour for more recipes to try, you can follow me here.

Until next time friends, good luck in your journey and let me know of any questions you might have!  We can figure this out together.



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