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Let’s Go For A Walk || Controlling Diabetes

One thing that we know will reduce blood sugar is walking after meals – keep moving. I know it’s not easy, trust me. I am at 27 weeks pregnant – I want to sit down and put my feet up! However, getting my blood sugar down is much more important. So after breakfast Sunday, I suggested we take a hike in the woods.

Before I get any further – is it just mine or do your kids have some unbelievable ability to withstand cold? It baffles me at times! Or maybe I’m just older than I pretend to believe I am?

Anyway – as I was walking, most of my attention was on my kids, but I also found myself looking around at the dormant landscape. The first snowfall had occurred overnight and while not a lot it certainly changed the appearance of this familiar landscape.

As I was looking I was wondering: If I wasn’t diagnosed with diabetes – would I have taken this time to walk through this beautiful, quiet woods? Maybe, despite all of the challenges, frustrations and set backs, there is some silver lining. I am challenged to be more active, to keep pushing and fighting and not give up. There’s a resolve to change my lifestyle – believe me I love sugar just as much as the next person – but this is the wake up call to cut it back, find alternatives (not artificial and I will cover more on that) and really push to help others realize they CAN do it too.

Willpower is so much easier to come by when someone is right there with you. My husband has pledged to eat how I eat and just having that support, someone who is willing to go through it with you – nothing can be said for how motivating and valuable that is!

I’m going to encourage you to find a friend, partner, heck you can get ahold of me if you’d like, to help you start. Try a few recipes I will link to here. Imagine claiming back the long active life you EXPECTED to live. I believe you can do it. I believe I can do it. I won’t let this disease get the better of me!


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