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Bread || Tried Low Carb

I’ve missed bread.  Oh I’ve missed bread.  I didn’t think I really ate it much before, but since pregnancy and hormones and diabetes…I guess I ate it more than I realized – because I MISS it.  Bread, however, is not low carb.

Specifically baby has wanted peanut butter toast.  Now, with BOTH previous pregnancies, I didn’t really care for peanut butter, or peanuts for that matter.  With Luke, I got TERRIBLE indigestion from peanuts and peanut butter.  I could eat the spiciest Thai you could find and no problem, but peanut butter?  Don’t even come near me with it.

While pregnant with Reagan, the lingering memory of my pregnancy with Luke caused me to avoid peanut butter as much as possible.  At that time though, doctors had changed their philosophy (a mere 2 years later) and pregnant women were supposed to eat nuts in the third trimester to try to reduce the occurrence of peanut allergies.

I’m not sure what the school of thought on allergies is currently, but I can tell you that neither of my external children have nut allergies.

The current internal child – I want peanut butter every.single.day.  And I want Jif.  My husband was trying to do the healthy organic thing, but that peanut butter wasn’t cutting it.  I also found that the indigestion from the organic stuff is much worse.  In brief reading it seems to have something to do with the oil.

AAAANNNNNYYYYYYWAAAAAAAYYYYYY – I have majorly digressed.  I wanted peanut butter toast.  It seemed like I was going to have to find a low carb bread recipe using almond flour and no sugar – easy enough right?  (If you had told me 5 years ago I would be baking my own almond flour bread, I probably would have looked at you like you had two heads and laughed…but here I am.)

My numbers are getting harder to control, which we knew would happen as the pregnancy hormones keep increasing.  Right now, baby is measuring 5lbs.  We have 7 weeks to go so that’s a little on the big side.  What are my options?

I stumbled across this recipe – Keto Bread via what seems to be my current lifeline, Pinterest, and decided to give it a shot.  I am so glad my grandma taught me about separating and whipping egg whites so long ago.  Otherwise, there might be a really embarrassing story that goes along with this post.

I LOVE this bread.  I’ve now made it twice (without the cream of tartar because I keep forgetting to buy some) and despite having a small bread pan, it’s come out perfectly.  Even my husband scarfs it down (which he’s still eating normal bread – I haven’t quite convinced him that he eats way more carbs than he needs to).  The best part is how simple it is and the amount of time it actually takes to make it!  No kneading, just a little egg-white-whipping and mixing and you’re good to put it in the oven.  Now I mentioned that I have smaller bread pans, so I did modify the recipe a bit and took a few minutes off the baking time and it came out perfect.

If you are craving a nice slice of peanut butter toast, or maybe some tuna or egg salad on a sandwich, you should give this low carb bread a try.  I think you will be more than pleasantly surprised.

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