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Baby Quinn is Here – Birth!

It’s been a while since my last post and while I don’t have an excuse for the month of February, March has been busy!  I have to share Quinn’s birth story because if you know us, it just fits that this is how her birth worked out…

I was supposed to have an appointment March 7th (my birthday!) and I would have been 39.2 weeks. At that appointment the doctors were going to set my induction date. I was walking like mad trying to get this baby to start coming on it’s own. I had started, but was progressing sloooooooowly.

March 5th, I woke up and got ready for work. My husband made me eggs as usual – I took 3 bites and couldn’t stomach anymore. My stomach felt suuuper upset. Luke had a stomach bug over the weekend and all I could think was how I didn’t want to be coming down with that! Anyway, I dropped Luke off at school and went to work. Lunch came and I still didn’t want to eat. If you know ANYTHING about me – if I don’t want to eat, something is wrong! I decided on chicken pot pie soup (without the topping) from Potbelly. (Have you had it? AMAZING – and 15 Carbs if you don’t get the topping). I managed to get that down but still wasn’t feeling well at all.

I decided to call the doctor and asked about the nausea – the nurse informed me that labor was considered a contraction every 5 minutes for at least an hour (this detail is important later – oooo foreshadowing…). “You probably just have a stomach bug.” I was REALLY hoping that wasn’t the answer!

Then came 2:30 pm. I had to run to the bathroom. Wound up getting sick – I had hoped I would never be able to say that I threw up at work. Unfortunately it is no longer the case. I debated going home. No, I could stick out 2 more hours. I’ll have some oyster crackers. Which I did around 4. They came back up almost immediately. At this point, my blood sugar was hovering around 60 and I was trying to figure out how I was going to drive home with low blood sugar.

I decided I would grab a Body Armor (soooo much better than Gatorade people!) – Orange Mango – and sip on that. At least it would rehydrate me. As soon as I got home, that came back up too. I couldn’t keep a single thing down! Sip of water? Nope. Even after brushing my teeth – which you don’t swallow!

My husband asked me to call the doctor. He was concerned I was getting dehydrated (which I was). The doctor prescribed me some anti nausea medicine and my sweet hubby drove to the closest (trust me it wasn’t close) 24 hour pharmacy to pick up the medicine and some ginger ale (Canada Dry). I felt better almost immediately – which I found strange if it was a stomach bug. Anyway, it was about 1030 at this point but I had been sleeping for 3+ hours so I wasn’t necessarily tired. Mark suggested we watch a show. We sat down to watch Brockmire on Hulu – each episode being about 25 minutes.

During the show I felt some cramping. It was more intense than I had felt previously – I asked Mark for his hand so I could squeeze during each one. “Man” I thought “these seem really close together!” Remember the important detail I told you earlier? Anyway, I stood up with about 5 minutes to go in our second episode (so 45 minutes has elapsed) thinking I was going to get sick again, took 4 steps and my water broke!

Me: uhhhh uh oh

Mark: What?

Me: Either my water broke or I just peed myself a LOT!

Mark: Are you kidding?

Yes, happy early April Fools! No I wasn’t. I told him to call his sister to come stay with the kids and I walked to the bathroom to get cleaned up. I was completely ready and Mark is standing in his PJ’s watching the rest of the show. “I figure we have some time.” Um nope – we need to leave as soon as your sister is here!

Stopping here – wow this is long but it was such a funny story I had to start here!

Anyway, we get to the hospital. I don’t remember looking at the clock until I was hooked up in my room – 12:30 AM? We weren’t sleeping that night! I powered through to 5 cm and then asked for an epidural. I really tried for a natural birth but hey I wasn’t on pitocin so maybe my body decided that was natural enough for me! At 3 AM I told Mark the baby would be here by 6 AM. Miss Quinn made her entrance at 5:52 AM weighing 9lbs .6 oz and 19.5 inches long.

She is beautiful and perfect and we are so excited for this addition to our family.

Part 2 of her birth to come!

See you soon!


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