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Bread || Tried Low Carb

I’ve missed bread.  Oh I’ve missed bread.  I didn’t think I really ate it much before, but since pregnancy and hormones and diabetes…I guess I ate it more than I realized – because I MISS it.  Bread, however, is not low carb. Specifically baby has wanted peanut butter toast.  Now, with BOTH previous pregnancies, I… Read More Bread || Tried Low Carb

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Low Carb Chocolate Muffins

Excuse my muffin pan, it’s not very pretty is it lol.  But as mentioned in the last blog post, I have been working my way through various recipes, mainly found on Pinterest (if you aren’t a part of Pinterest, you really are missing out), trying to discover how to make some of my favorite foods low carb. … Read More Low Carb Chocolate Muffins

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Chip Substitute

Kinda – sometimes you need a salty treat.  My husband loves potato chips.  They don’t really work out so well for me.  I decided I would try to come up with a just as delicious chip alternative. (I know what you’re saying – “Get real Kate – a healthy substitute for the deliciousness that is… Read More Chip Substitute